This is where the magic happens! Ever fancied playing something slightly different like swamp football? Or even Three Sided Football? Well this is the place where these cool events will be posted. We'll make sure you don’t miss out on these great opportunities throughout your Play More Pompey career!

Not sure where you fit in? Well…there are events to suit all abilities, locations and durations. They also come in all shapes and sizes, so whilst some may be smaller than others, don’t forget that the more you attend, the more points you get, and ultimately, what do points make?!?!

To keep things simple, we've broken events down into 3 levels; Training, Reserves and First Team.


Using the Training event type you can log any footballing activity you take part in, whether this is an 11 aside game for your Sunday league team, 5 aside at school during PE or even just a friendly kick about down the park with your friends. All you need to do is log activity if you played for at least 30 minutes or more – easy, right?!


These are regular organised events by the Play More Pompey team or other recognised events organisers. This will tend to be more traditional football games such as 5 aside and 11 aside sessions but the sessions are open to players of all ages, abilities and genders so make sure you get involved!!

First Team

First Team events are the really special events you wont want to miss. They will only take place several times each year so keep watching out for them! We plan to organise these events all round the city and they will be the most fun and inventive types of football to help give you a unique, new and hopefully enjoyable experience.

If you have any ideas on future football events please get in touch via the contact page or on our social media accounts.

  • Three Sided Football

    Three sided football touches on the philosophical aspect of the beautiful game meaning that a team has one goal to defend but two to score in! Players mental ability is pushed to the limits on this form of football as alliances are formed and trusts are broken.

  • Swamp Football

    We’ve all been there, playing on a very muddy field on a Sunday morning, watching the ball get stuck in the mud and players boots becoming unrecognizable. Now for the first time in Portsmouth, Swamp football is starting in the city. Bring your boots, your welly boots that is and let the carnage begin!

  • Be A Pro

    This is your opportunity to play at Fratton Park, live out your dream and for that 90 minutes, live the life as a Professional Footballer! Wear the kit, experience the pre match, play out the game and revel in the successes of your performance!

  • Dungeon Football

    Thanks to Portsmouth’s proud armed forces history, the city has some fantastic sites in which the beautiful game can be played but probably shouldn’t. This is your chance to play deep underground in the Forts on Portsdown Hill and take your game to a literally a new level!

  • Zorb Football

    What could be better, football with a giant inflatable on your head! Keep the eye on the ball, as well as your opponents, as one bump from them and you could be rolling around yourself, for a long while.

  • Ship Soccer

    This is your chance to play football on the deck of a Royal Navy Warship, competing in a Five A Side match against other Play More Pompey members, you can put your skills to the test and rock the boat with your footballing prowess!

  • Football at Brambles Bank

    The fixture that can only happen once a year, is for the first time being launched, usually used for cricket matches, this year will see the first game held at the site, which as you may or may not know can only be used when the tide is out! Let’s hope we don’t go into extra time!

  • Football Golf

    The beautiful game meets the most infuriating game as the two combine forces. Tee off with a football and make your way around a specially designed golf course! Try to hit par or even birdies and beating your mates in the ultimate test of skill!