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Get To Know: Football Skittles

13 Nov , 2015  

Football skittles offers a laid back atmosphere which can be incorporated as a building step to get you more active. Exactly the same as normal skittles, the rules are simple; however instead of throwing a skittles ball, a football will instead be kicked. Play More Pompey wants to encourage people from all backgrounds in sport […]


All we hear is radio Pompey!

10 Nov , 2015  

Yesterday Pompey in the Community paid a visit to arguably the main radio station in Portsmouth, Express FM, to share all about what the Community charity is up to these days and how they are implementing new ideas and initiatives into the local community and surrounding areas so that even more people can benefit. It’s […]


Football Nutrition – The Science

4 Nov , 2015  

Health and fitness has become somewhat of a trend of late, with eating clean, and getting into shape going hand in hand. In order to eat right, it is helpful to understand the science behind your meal planning. Usually a football game lasts 90 minutes, take into account the warm up, the possibility of extra […]