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Three ball toe taps

25 Oct , 2016  

If you’ve experienced football training before, we’re sure that you’ve done toe taps at some point in your life. We’ve mixed it up a little, incorporating a square and 3 balls on 3 sides of the square, leaving one side free. The object is to move one of the balls using the sole of your […]

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Tim Cahill: Scoring from midfield.

18 Oct , 2016  

Not a bad goal from Tim Cahill on his Melbourne City debut. Ever wondered how he scores so many from midfield? This is what he has to say: “You need to have two things: desire and a good engine. So many of my goals came from sheer desire – wanting to get into the box […]


Recovery: Why is it important?

13 Oct , 2016  

Recovery is often an overlooked area of training when it comes to regular exercise and competition.  It is paramount that you recover correctly, to ensure that you are ready for your next training session or match. Any form of exercise essentially damages the muscles; recovery is important to aid muscular repair. There are 7 main components to recovery: Sleep […]