Get To Know: Meal Prep

16 Sep , 2016  

If you’re looking to get healthy and active, you’ve probably realised that of late the notion of healthy eating, and primarily meal preparation has become the latest trend in maintaining this lifestyle.

Why meal prep?

When having an active and busy lifestyle,  when it comes to eating, we normally reach out for whatever is easy. Unfortunately for us, what is easy isn’t often healthy.  Our biggest downfall is a lack of quick and easy healthy meals.

However, some prep work and planning on just one day a week will allow us to have healthier meals, easy to grab on the go, where knuckling down for an hour a week, you will have 5 meals readily available in your fridge.

How to meal prep:

  1. Pick your containers. You should purchase some high quality containers to store your food in the fridge, so you can quickly grab your meals. It would be worth spending a little extra to buy microwavable containers, and something that you can freeze. Different people have preferences as to whether they want plastic or glass containers, you should get whatever is the most practical for you.
  2. Pick your carb.  Your carbohydrate will become your base ingredient. Pick something that you will be happy to eat at least for half a week, as you could alternate base ingredients if you wished. Your base ingredient could be: whole-grain pasta, brown rice, quinoa or any type of healthy of carbohydrate that you enjoy eating.  It should always be included in meals for days where you are planning to exercise or be active. This is as wholesome carbs keep you full for longer and fuels your body with glucose.  If you are having a rest day, you could perhaps have a base of the likes of spinach or lettuce in order to keep carb intake low on that day. 
  3. Pick your protein. Chose the protein you want to eat throughout the week and season sparingly when cooking. Flavours can be added later to add variety, as you don’t want all of your meals to taste the same throughout the week. Proteins could include lean beef, chicken, turkey chicken, tofu, beans or tempeh. Cook enough to last you all week, cut them up and place it into containers. 
  4. Pick your vegetable. Cook up enough vegetables so you can vary what you’re having day to day. These can be cooked in the oven or steamed on the hob. To simplify your week further it may be worth investing in steam in the bag microwave vegetables. Steam a couple of bags and separate them into your containers as desired. 
  5. Pick your seasoning. As previously mentioned, don’t over season your protein when cooking. Instead pick your favourite seasonings and vary them between your containers. It saves from eating the exact same meal 5 days in a row. Instead vary up spices, sauces and seasonings.

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