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14 Oct , 2015  

If you want to get fit, but think that traditional forms of football aren’t for you, then give Soccercise a try. It’s an aerobic based fitness class similar to those you would find in a gym combining a variety of exercises with a football.  Whether you haven’t played football before, or have played at various levels, Soccercise can vary levels of difficulty and ball use dependent on the individual.

If you have never been interested in football before, don’t think that Soccercise isn’t for you, as it is likely to train muscles that you haven’t used much before just through incorporating the ball component.  You don’t need to be a football fan to take part, just willing to try new types of fitness and exercise! Further to this, as the class is aerobic based, there are large health benefits for both cardiac and respiratory health.

It’s a session open to everyone where you can come along and try something new on your own or with a friend. Football is a team sport, where withSoccercise we can focus on social aspects as much as fitness, where you can start to develop a team mentality and a new group of friends.

If football is something that you’re interested in, Soccercise can be used as a stepping stone to increase your fitness and ball skills before joining a club or more football related sessions. If you’re a higher level footballer, you can use these sessions individually, or as a team as part of your preseason, not forgetting fitness throughout the season.

The sessions can last from 20 minutes long, and are normally based on repetitions of specific exercises with the likes of push ups, sit ups and squats, whilst incorporating a football to get the body used to different movements and increase strength in areas you may not be used to working.

No matter your age, football experience or fitness level; Soccercise can act as an alternate way to keep fit.

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