There’s No ‘I’ in Team

12 Aug , 2015  

With the football season upon us and the annual preseason ritual of creating Fantasy Football teams and leagues, between friends, colleagues and members of the public; I have spent the last couple of weeks perfecting my team ready for the season, knowing full well that this will continue right to the wire, 11:45AM on the 8th of August.

You can tell a lot about a person by whom they pick to be in their squad, who makes the bench, who they put as their captain and what formation they chose to play.  So considering I am new to Portsmouth and new to the Play More Pompey project, I thought there’s no better way to introduce myself than by creating a Fantasy Football team based on me.

 fantasy team 2

Starting XI

Hart – I am also blonde and dandruff free.

Bellerin – I’m fast and love to move forwards.

Mangala – I can sometimes be erratic but I have potential.

Terry – I’m in this project for the long haul.

Jones – I like to provide others with a laugh.

Delph – Sometimes I can be pretty indecisive.

Coqueiln – I’m young and energetic and like to get stuck in.

Januzaj – I dive headfirst into whatever I’m doing.

Wilshere – I may pick up a few knocks, but I always come back.

Falcao – I have something to prove.

Kane – My team can depend on me.


Schmeichel – My dad’s a legend.

Stones – I’m young and eager to push myself.

Mata – I like to be well groomed and keep things moving forward.

Defoe – I can reach my target from anywhere.


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