Transfer Deadline Day! It’s like Christmas!

3 Sep , 2015  

As the Transfer Deadline Day draws to a close for another summer, the usual optimism for many football fans has ended in disappointment at the severe lack of activity amongst their club.

Usually with the manager stating that ‘he believes in his current squad and what it has to offer for the next 4 months, so there is no need to delve further into the transfer market.’  Strip that down to the bare bones and in fact what he is saying is ‘I want to be home at a reasonable hour and avoid a severe ear bashing from my wife, thank you very much.’

I think the best way to summarise Transfer Deadline day generally is to that of Christmas. People get more excited by the build up and the grandeur that surrounds it, but get to the event itself and it is in fact an anti climax of gigantic proportions. To put this in perspective, occasionally we do get a white christmas (or a big transfer come in) but ultimately it is few and far between. The most notable was possibly that of Robinho a fair few years ago. Nowadays my brain is struggling to think of any influential transfers that have happened on the magical day.

Although my club who currently ply their trade in the lower leagues will be no where near making a superstar signing that makes global news, it still means just as much to the fans of smaller teams as it does for the fans of the big boys! Again just like Christmas, the occasion is for everyone.

So as fans, although it happens very rarely, we all still wish, hope and also stay up very late in the hope that that yellow bar along the bottom of the screen will mention your club signing a star. Although it doesn’t usually happen, one thing is for certain, I and many others will beck in January for the whole ‘christmas’ process to start again.

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