The basics of the game are quite simple… The more football you play, the more points you win and the higher you progress within your Play More Pompey Career. Keep building up your points to compete against friends and win some cool prizes .

Organised Events

There will be loads or organised events that you can get involved in. It’s a great way to try something new and exciting, whether you play regularly or have never kicked a ball in your life!

As well as being involved in some great football activities, you'll also get big point rewards for attending these events. See our events page to get a better idea of the cool things you could be doing.

Your Own Activities

You can measure all of your own footballing activity so you can see over time just how much you're playing and improving. You'll also be awarded points for every time you register your own activity on the system, although at a slightly lower level than some of the organised events.

Fill In Your Profile

We really want to know all about you, especially how much football you currently play and which of our planned First Team events you think sound the best. You get extra points for filling in our questions which will only ta e a few minutes, so why not, hey?

Collect Badges

Throughout your Play More Pompey footballing career you'll be able to complete achievements and receive badges that are awarded for your efforts. Keep your eyes peeled for new badges as they get added, some of the badges that will be available are listed below.