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Welcome to the Play More Pompey Deck; the fully interactive website associated with the Community of Football, available for everyone!

This online hub will enable you to plot your own Play More Pompey career, log any football you do, monitor upcoming football events and even get advice from the experts regarding football progression and development. It doesn’t end there either!

Like with any new season there is always room for improvement and we are working hard to iron out all the kinks, especially with mobile devices. All great teams, and things, come good in the end and we all know that the season is a marathon not a sprint.

The people of Portsmouth have always demonstrated a real passion for football and now this is your chance to take on an interactive online career of your own. You can achieve badges, compete in mini leagues against your friends and attend special events throughout the city to get yourself even more career points! Best of all it doesn’t matter at what stage of the game you are in, whether you are a beginner, a person who considers themselves in retirement or a seasoned pro, our platform enables people to compete at all levels.

You’ve done it in FIFA and Football Manager, now do it for real!

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